When a child first starts wearing glasses, it's not unusual for a pair or two to end up bent or broken. Replacing glasses or having them repaired can get expensive, so it's important to do all you can to minimize damage. Here are four simple ways to keep your child from breaking their glasses.

Choose a bendable pair.

If you have not yet chosen glasses for your child, make sure you choose frames that are made from a bendable material. Many of these are marketed specifically for children, and they are less likely to snap if your child sits on them or gets hit with a ball. While even bendable glasses will snap if they are bent too far, the chances are far lower than with glasses frames made from more rigid materials.

Encourage your child to always store the glasses in the same place.

If your child is not careful about where he or she stores the glasses, they could easily end up crushed or dropped. Have your child choose a place where the glasses will always be stored when they're not being worn. On top of a certain dresser or in a specific nightstand drawer tends to work well. Encourage your child to make a habit of never leaving the glasses anywhere else where they might be more apt to be broken.

Invest in a good case.

Not all glasses cases are created equal. Some of the soft, flimsy ones do nothing more than keep dust off of the lenses. Choose a sturdy case for your child's glasses, and encourage him or her to use it so that you know the glasses won't break if they're accidentally dropped or if they end up under a heavy book.

Clean the lenses yourself.

Kids often break their glasses while trying to clean them. They may press too hard on the lenses and pop them out, or they may fumble and drop them. To minimize this type of tragedy, try cleaning your child's glasses yourself. Do it nightly, so the glasses don't become dirty and your child is not tempted to try cleaning them alone. If your child is a bit older and wishes to clean their own glasses, teach them to do so when sitting on a bed or soft chair so that if the glasses fall, they are safe.

Keep in mind that glasses are fragile, and even with the tips above, your child may break his or her pair. Keeping a spare pair on hand is a good idea, so your child never has to go without glasses if an accident does happen. For more information, talk to a place like Gerald A York Opticians.