All the cold air outside and dry air inside can make wearing contacts a little challenging. If this is your first winter wearing contact, these tips will help you make it through the winter a little more comfortable.

#1 Cut Down On The Amount Of Time You Wear Your Contacts

All the cold air outside can really dry out your eyes, and wearing contacts only makes this worse. You can give your eyes a break, and try to cut down on the amount of time that you wear your contacts during the winter months. Don't put your contacts in until you have to leave the house, and try switching out of your contacts and using your glass whenever you are home. 

Cutting down on the amount of time that you wear your contacts, even a little bit, will help keep your eyes from getting so dry. 

#2 Drink Up

In order to prevent dry eyes during the winter months due to contact use, it is vital that you stay hydrated. Although it may be easier to drink up when it is hot outside, it is important that you continue to stay well hydrated during the winter months as well. This could help you combat winter dry eye. So keep your water bottle near you even when it is cold outside.

#3 Increase The Humidity

One reason your contacts irritate your eyes so much during the winter months is because the moisture in the air is generally much lower than it is during the summer naturally. Additionally, most heating systems tend to suck any additional moisture out of the air.

You can combat the lack of natural moisture by running a humidifier inside of your home. This will put more moisture in the air and should provide your eyes, and your contacts with some relief. You should also see if your workplace is willing to invest in some humidifiers. 

#4 Stay On Top Of Proper Contact Hygiene

As you are stuck indoors more during the winter months, it is especially vital that you stay on top of your contact hygiene. Make sure that you always thoroughly wash your hands before handling your contacts to prevent the spread of germs. Replace your contacts on time, according to the schedule for the particular contacts that you wear and  take them out on time. Finally, make sure that the eye drops you use are intended for individuals who wear contact lenses.

You can fight dry eye and irritating contacts this winter by keeping your eyes moisturized by staying hydrated and using a humidifier, and by staying on top of your contact hygiene protocols and reducing the length of time you wear your contacts. Winter can be rough, but it doesn't mean your eyes have to feel that way too. To learn more, contact a company like Village Optical