You can teach the art of woodworking to your kids once they are big enough to use the equipment. You should start out by making projects that are fun, easy to do, and something your kids can show off to their friends to keep it interesting. Since summer is coming, now is the time to start thinking about sunglasses. A project your children might enjoy is making a pair of wood sunglasses for the summertime. Here is how you and your children can make a simple pair of wood sunglasses.

Designing the Sunglasses

The first step in the design process is getting a pair of sunglass lenses to fit into the frame. You can take apart an old plastic pair of sunglasses to get the lenses out or you could buy lenses online or at an optical store. If you are not good at drawing things, there are also software packages available online you can use to create the design you want.

Measure the size and dimensions of the sunglass lenses you are going to use in the frame. Input the measurements into the software program. Design the front of the frame around the size and dimension of the lenses. Just make sure the opening is a little smaller than the actual lenses so you can insert the real lenses into the frame. Print the design onto a sheet of transparent paper. 

Cut Out Design

Use a table saw to cut the slice of wood you'll use to make the frame. Cut the slice of wood about twice the thickness of the lenses. Trace the design from the transparent paper onto the wood. Cut out the openings out for the lenses with a jigsaw. You will also need to trim the lens openings down on the backside of the frame with a router to insert the lenses into them. Trim the edges of the opening of the frame down about halfway through the thickness of the wood. Cut out the rest of the front of the frame and ear stems with the jigsaw.

Connect Hinges

Screw eyeglass hinges into the top end of both ear stems. Then screw the hinges onto the backside of the front of the frame. Test the hinges by opening and closing the ear stems. Make sure you have adjustable hinges so you can adjust the angle of the ear stems so the glasses fit well on your children's head.

Insert Lenses

Place a thin bead of glue around the inside of the frame opening for the lenses. Place another thin bead around the very edge of the of the front of the lenses. Carefully insert the lenses into the opening in the back of the frame without getting any glue on the lenses. The lenses will come to rest on the lip you made with the router around the opening for the lenses. Allow the glue to dry before trying on the sunglasses. If you have questions about eyeglasses, contact an eyewear store.