Mascara, eyeshadow, and eyeliner are all eye makeup options that can enhance your look. Yet, these are all elements that can put your eye health in jeopardy if you don't apply or maintain these makeup options correctly. Learn how you can look great while also remaining healthy.

Expiration Date

Don't rely on the expiration date on the product to determine when it's time for a replacement. Many eye makeup options typically have a shelf life indicator on the bottle that states the products are good for a year or more. However, you should replace these products long before this period. 

Take mascara, for example. Each time you apply mascara, the wand comes in contact with bacteria—bacteria that end up being transported back into the bottle. Over time, the bacteria inside could flourish and increase your risk of infection. It's a good idea to replace these products every few months, even if you don't wear them regularly. 

Reputable Brands

Given the boom within the makeup industry in recent years, there are new makeup brands seemingly popping up everywhere. Before you douse your eyes with these products, make sure you do your research. Some smaller brands put profit over protection and don't go through the proper testing steps to ensure their products are safe.

Additionally, given the high cost of some makeup brands, there are plenty of counterfeit options available. Counterfeit options are incredibly dangerous, as they can contain all sorts of chemicals and ingredients that are not safe for use anywhere near the eyes. Only wear makeup from brands with a good reputation that you have researched and only use products from major retailers so that you know the products are legitimate. 


Be mindful of how you apply makeup around your eyes. For example, when it comes to eyeliner, you should only apply this product above the lash line. You should never apply liner below the lash line. If you make this mistake, some of the liner can bleed into your eyes, especially if it's a liquid liner.

You should also avoid applying any heavy makeup in the corners of your eyes. The corner of the eye is home to the oil glands, which are partly responsible for keeping the eyes lubricated. Heavy makeup in this area can block these glands. 

Follow these tips to keep your eyes healthy. However, should you have any concerns about the health of your eyes, don't hesitate to contact an eye doctor